Investing in Washington's future

I believe in  investing in our communities to build a more resilient future for the people of the 31st district. 

As a freelance arts professional, I have faced challenges that many of the people in this district have likely faced at one point in their lives.  Whether it's struggling to meet rising housing prices, insecurity in access to health insurance, minimum wages that don't meet the cost of living, or traffic that keeps us on the roads when we should be at home with our family, I am here to fight for your future, today. 

I grew up in my parents' teddy bear store, Golden Rule Bears, on Main Street in Sumner.  Throughout my childhood I saw the hard work and dedication that my parents put in to their small business. Whether it was the employees, fellow business owners, or the customers who came back year after year, Golden Rule Bears taught me about the value of investing in your own community.  I know first hand how important small businesses are to both our local economy and our local culture.  The character of our wilderness, farms, towns, and cities is part of what I love about the pacific northwest.

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A progressive Democrat for Washington State Legislature