Washington State has the most regressive tax structure in the country.  Our lowest-income residents pay around 17% of their income to taxes while the highest-earning Washingtonians pay only around 3% of their income to taxes.  Not only is this system clearly inequitable, it leaves us struggling to meet our budget needs while putting an undue burden on our low and middle-income residents.   


We must close loopholes that allow corporations to evade paying their fair share of taxes while reaping the benefits of the resources and services that us citizens pay for with our taxes.  This reclaimed money can help us fund a world-class education for every Washington student, invest in training our next generation of workers and ensure that we have the infrastructure to keep residents safe and our economy thriving. 


One tool to address our regressive tax structure is to implement a capital gains tax.  By asking our millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share, we can invest in our communities and build a more resilient, healthy, prosperous future for everyone in Washington.


Fossil Fuels have a very real cost to our society and it's time to make sure that the short-term cost more accurately matches the long-term cost of using carbon.  I propose a Carbon Tax, similar to those put forward by voters twice via Ballot Initiatives, with revenue being invest into our local infrastructure and ensuring that Washington hits or exceeds its green energy goals.

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A progressive Democrat for Washington State Legislature